Project Details

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Product Type: AKAPP ProDuctor
  • Project End Date: 2005

Product Brochure

Project Description

To supply and install a power supply for aisle cranes used in a cold store distribution warehouse.


When reliability means all the difference to its performance, companies are keen to select the right partners to ensure that breakdowns on equipment are kept to an absolute minimum.

Met-Track®’s AKAPP PRO-DUCTOR® system was chosen by a large frozen fish cold store company as the power supply for their six aisle cranes at their main cold store distribution warehouse in Grimsby.

The 6.6 million-cubit feet warehouse is used for the distribution of frozen foods to the UK’s retail chain. Each crane covers 91 bays 14 shelves high and the total capacity of the facility is over 30,000 pallets.

With the exception of planned maintenance, our client was keen to ensure that the aisle stackers were kept running all of the time. Given the ‘freezing’ environment that these systems have to work in, it was imperative that the chosen system offered much more than the standard products available on the market.

AKAPP Pro-Ductor® is a flat copper conductor system designed specifically for automated warehouses. The continuous coppers that are a feature of this system, help to reduce the wear on collector brushes that is typical of jointed conductor systems.

The finger safe housing caters for 7 conductors from 50 amps to over 200 amps and is suitable for travel speeds in excess of 250 metres per minute. The self-correcting collector trolleys are designed to exert a constant pressure during the complete travel of the system and therefore are particularly suited for the transmission of data and control signals.


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