Project Details

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Product Type: Met-Track® Workstation Bridge Crane

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Project Description

An electrical engineering company who specialise in providing solutions to problems involving electric motors, pumps and gear boxes needed to increase the lifting capacity throughout their facility.

Electric Overhead Cranes (EOT’s) were already in place but they required extra support due to the EOT’s being used in work cells for maintenance/repair on their clients broken down components.


Metreel was invited to visit the facility and discuss how to solve the problem. The facility already used 2 x 10T (SWL) EOT cranes but these were being used in 3 specific work areas whilst products were being processed.

Metreel designed, manufactured and installed 2 x 2000Kg (SWL) and 1 x 1000Kg (SWL) Floor Mounted Met-Track® Workstation Crane systems.

The runways were supported by hang man style posts instead of traditional ‘goalpost’ gantries. This allowed components/parts to be easily lifted and manoeuvred into the specific work cell areas for the engineers to perform their tasks whilst allowing the EOT’s to be used elsewhere.


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