Metreel Ltd, founded some fifty years ago, is one of the leading manufacturers of bespoke cable and hose handling systems. With installations spanning the globe our experience and knowledge of the design and supply of drag chains has been proven time and time again.

We offer as part of our turnkey package full project management including, consultancy, site survey, manufacturing, assembly, testing and installation for both new build and repair/refurbishment projects.

We assure high quality and reliable service to all our customers, in an industry where quality and delivery are paramount. We strive for excellence and are proud to be accredited as an ISO9001 certified company.


Metreel’s range of Steel Drag Chains are designed to protect and convey cables and hoses for x, y and z axis motion on machine tools, robots and materials handling equipment. An important feature of Steel Drag Chains is the ability to carry electricity, gases and fluids simultaneously in any combination to suit the application.

Metreel specialisation is developing custom designed solutions for applications where the standard product range is just not suitable for clients requirements.


Metreel’s range of Met-Trak™ Offshore Drag Chain Systems provides support and protection for the safe conveyance of cables and hoses feeding skid bases, jack up installations, vessels/drill ships, top drives, cranes, hoists and handling systems for both upstream and downstream projects.

We individually tailor proven designs into bespoke solutions to individual project needs. Our offshore range of drag chain systems offer class leading performance and longevity, assured through the benefit of years of experience at providing solutions for customers specialist requirements. We engineer each application to provide the client with the best.


  • Multi-compartment construction, for combination pay loads of cables and hoses
  • Fully assembled and delivered to site ("plug and play") or delivered to site in separate sections to allow on site assembly
  • Proven cable & hose compartment design and construction
  • Use of high grade materials throughout
  • Special drag chain compliant hoses can be included in the package when required
  • Third party FEA design authentication prior to production ensuring integrity of design
  • Multiple options available to accommodate the most challenging of requirements
  • Individually custom designed to suit each application, each time, every time,
    right down to special environmental considerations such as snow/ice loads or other extremes of temperature, seismic conditions or wind loads



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